Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yahoo: Then and Now.

Yahoo! was one of the early index/search sites. It was founded by a pair of students from Stanford, and it was an example of something that was needed at the time. An index of the available websites and the ability to search on content.

This Yahoo! site from October 1996 had an early example of user generated content. The 'Add Url' gave users the ability to add new website to this index.

The website is clean, there is not alot of content to generate which was an important factor with most of the home users of the internet using modems.

If we compare it to what Yahoo! has now, you can see that even the earliest generation had a sense of personalized content (Yahoo! Los Angeles, Japan, San Francisco or Yahooligans!). There was an early shopping site although the early example was pre-advertisement for Yahoo! The Yahoo Internet Life! was a spin off publication for Yahoo!. Finally, it's rare for a company to keep the same icon for 10 years. The red YAHOO! is exactly the same.


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